Our world is changing


Towards a future where sustainability is the standard.

IBC Store

Towards a future where sustainability is the standard

We envision a future where sustainability is the norm, not the exception. A world where our products and services not only meet the needs of our customers but also have a positive and lasting impact on our planet. We are driven to guide our customers and partners on their path to sustainable growth.

At IBC store, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We believe sustainability isn’t just a trend but a responsibility we carry as a company.

IBC Store

Partnership for sustainable innovation

At IBC-store, we firmly believe that collaboration is the key to genuine innovation. Our mission is to provide each customer with a perfect fit for their packaging challenges. We are proud to being able to provide sustainable product and services that not only boost the success of our partners but also contribute to our planet’s protection.

By having access to a vast network of packaging partners, we have an excellent feeling with the market. We are up to date on the latest developments and we have a team of R&D packaging experts ready to take on your packaging challenge.

Circular use of plastic


IBC-store is part of the Straatweg Group brands of companies, together with Qbig packaging and Orange Plastics. As a group we’re determined to continue the sustainability dialogue, not only with our customers but also with their stakeholders. We remain committed to finding innovative solutions and exploring new opportunities to incorporate recycled material into our products. R2S helps our brands to strive for more sustainable solutions.

Sustainability is not optional for us; it’s a responsibility we proudly bear. We remain dedicated to a cleaner and greener future and invite our customers and partners to join us on this journey. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet.