Milk – Dairy transportationMilk - Dairy transportation

Milk & Dairy products often requires aseptic packaging. Cardboard IBC’s with plastic or metalized liners are essential for some milk & dairy products. European milk & dairy producers exports a lot of their products, and this requires a reliable packaging system.

Milk products are unstable and receptive to bacterias during filling, transport and discharge. 

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The solution – CargoCube IBC & CENTRAL Steel

Cardboard IBC’s are an ideal packaging solution for the milk & dairy industry. Our 1000L CargoCube and CENTRAL Steel are used for milk & dairy products
For exporting and shipping milk products, we uses the CargoCube IBC container. Local produced milk products is shipped to global markets, and it requires a strong and reliable container. The cardboard boxes has been tested and certified for long distance transport. 
For internal storage and production, we uses the CENTRAL Steel container. The CENTRAL Steel container is steel frame with a fabric bag for 1.000-1.8000L liquids. It is a foldable system that minimises the required storage space and production space.


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