CargoCube cardboard IBC’s for liquids

Cost-efficient and sustainable IBC’s for transport and storage of liquids

The ideal alternative to companies using traditional IBC’s, which are affected by the following aspects due to COVID-19.

  • Pooling systems getting more expensive
  • High risk of losing your containers
  • Container inventory is running low
  • Your supply chain might stop

Act now, keep your business going and start using one-way IBC’s

CargoCube Aseptic CargoCube
CargoCube cardboard IBC

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Cardboard ibc containers


Cardboard liquid IBC container 1

256 cardboard IBC’s in just 1 truck 

Cardboard liquid IBC container 2

5 trucks to transport 256 plastic IBC’s

Cardboard liquid IBC container 3

70% supply chain optimization

  • Reduce supply chain cost
  • No pooling system required
  • On-site disposal after use
succes verhaal kim

No time to set-up

The Carboard IBC’s are really easy and fast to set-up, we had them ready to fill in less than three minutes, ideal in use and very cost efficient.

Logistic Service Manager
plant manager Joris

Fully automated filling

We found out that this CargoCube can be filled fully automatic without the help of an operator which saves us lots of cost.

Plant manager
IBC purchase manager

Aseptic and Non-aseptic

We found out that the Cargocube can also be fitted with a full “low acid” A-septic liner for A-septic use. So 1 container for multiple applications.

Purchase manager
Johannes ibc

Immediate demand increase

We received a emergency demand from a new customer due to the corona crisis. Luckily we received the Cargocube container in two days and were able to fulfil the customers need. Thanks to IBCstore we have a new customer for the long run!

Supply Chain Manager Manager

Storage when needed

We were faced with shortage of ingredients but could not postpone our production so we needed storage capacity for our semifinished products. Luckily we had the cargocube containers in stock.

Warehouse manager
Dik happy with ibcstore

We save the planet

By using the CargoCube Carboard IBC we have decreased our carbon foodprint by more than 65% compared to our standard totes

Packaging Manager

Not in need of emergency bulk packaging? Please visit our full product range.

CargoCube or aseptic CargoCube?

Cardboard ibc containers

CargoCube IBC

The CargoCube container can be used for both transport and storage. The container is used for food & non-food applications such as:

  • Paint & Coatings
  • Cosmetics
  • Dairy products
  • Juice concentrate
  • and many more..
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Aseptic CargoCube IBC

Aseptic packaging systems can be used for both transport and storage. Aseptic packaging systems are used for food applications, such as:

  • Dairy products
  • Juice concentrate
  • Food supplements
  • Food extracts
  • and many more..
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Cardboard ibc containers

Cardboard IBC’s are successfully used by