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Printing Ink

Our cardboard IBC’s are used within the printing ink industry. We supply some of the biggest printing ink manufacturers with our cardboard IBC’s.



Printing Ink

Our cardboard IBC containers has been used for more than 15 years in the printing ink industry. Both for finished products and raw materials.

Offset Ink is a printing ink used by many of the global printing ink manufacturers, and the product is shipped globally. Offset ink is a high viscous liquid, and it requires a special container to ensure a optimal discharge of the high viscous ink.

The solution

IBC Central

We use our CENTRAL container as a packaging system for offset ink to optimise storage and transport.

When shipping printing ink from one end of the world to another, it requires a reliable and strong container. Our cardboard IBC for the printing ink industry is made of a triple layer corrugated cardboard wall. The cardboard box has been tested and certified for long distance transport.

The CENTRAL container has a special combination of liner and cassette. The cassette is specially made with a 25 degree angle to optimise discharge. The liner is equipped with a 6-inch reclosable valve to further help the ink to be discharged.

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Printing ink


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