Paint-Coating transport

Paint & Coatings

Our cardboard IBC’s are used in the paint & coating industry. For shipping paint and coatings, cardboard IBC’s are widely used.


Paint & Coating

Paint & Coatings requires packaging system with a high level of attention to sustainability. Paint & Coatings manufacturers produces paint and other additives for many global customers every year.

To minimise the carbon footprint and to optimise on their internal supply chain and warehouse efficiency, they uses foldable cardboard IBC containers from IBC Store.

The solution

CargoCube IBC & IBC 500L

Cardboard IBC’s are an ideal packaging solution for the paint & coatings industry. Our 1000L CargoCube and 500L container are used for paint, coatings and additives.

Cardboard IBC containers are used for one-way shipment of products produced in the paint & coating industry. The cardboard boxes has been tested and certified for long distance transport.

The CargoCube IBC container and 500L IBC container works very well for the paint & coatings industry. The containers are a foldable IBC system and provides wine producers with an optimised supply chain and warehouse efficiency. Simply collect and unfold the box when needed!

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Paint & Coatings