1000L Cargocube vs 4x 220L DrumsJuices storage and transport

The advantages using 1x 1000L Cardboard Cargo Cube vs 4x 220L drum:

  • Only fill and release one time (1x)
  • 1000L vs 880L
  • No cleaning
  • No returning
  • Flat packed delivered and stored
  • No administration

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Juice storage and transport

The juice industry is based on the seasons, but consumers are demanding fresh juice throughout the year. This requires innovative systems and solutions to keep up with demand without losing the quality and freshness of the juice.

Juice concentrate is harvest and shipped from different global locations depending on the season and the maturity of the fruits. During European winter, juice concentrate is shipped from places like Brazil to Europe to keep the same fresh taste to orange and apple juice.

IBC Store works with juice manufactures like:

The solution : 1000Liter CargoCube IBC

Cardboard IBC’s are an ideal packaging solution for the juice industry. Our 1000L CargoCube cardboard IBC is used for juice concentrate.

When shipping juice concentrate from one end of the world to another, it requires a reliable and strong container. Our cardboard IBC for the juice industry is made of a triple layer corrugated cardboard wall. The cardboard box has been tested and certified for long distance transport.

The CargoCube IBC works very well for the juice industry. It is one of the strongest cardboard IBC’s in the world. The container is a foldable IBC and provides juice manufacturers with an optimized supply chain and warehouse efficiency. Simply collect and unfold the box when needed!

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