Printing Ink storage

Printing ink

Our cardboard IBC containers has been used for more than 15 years in the printing ink industry. Both for finished products and raw materials. 

Offset ink is a high viscous liquid, and it requires a special container. We uses our CENTRAL container as a packaging system for offset ink to optimise storage and transport. 

IBC Store supplies containers to printing ink manufacturers like: 



Cardboard IBC’s are an ideal packaging solution for the juice industry. Our 1000L CargoCube cardboard IBC container is used for juice concentrate.

Juice concentrate is harvest and shipped from different global locations depending on the season and the maturity of the fruits. During European winter, juice concentrate is shipped from places like Brazil to Europe to keep the same fresh taste to orange and apple juice. 

IBC Store containers are working with juice manufactures like:

Juices storage and transport
Wine-Beverage transport

Wine & Beverage

The industry of wine & beverage requires innovative and sustainable packaging. Our cardboard IBC’s is used for wine & beverage manufacturers to isolate the products from external factors like UV lighting, temperature difference and air pollution. 

Wine & beverage is produced locally (eg. France or Italy) and shipped globally to be bottled and sold to customers around the world.

IBC Store supplies containers to wine & beverage manufacturers like: 


Milk & Dairy

Milk & Dairy products often requires aseptic packaging. Cardboard IBC’s with plastic or metalized liners are essential for some milk & dairy products. European milk & dairy producers exports a lot of their products, and this requires a reliable packaging system.

We uses our CargoCube container for exporting/transport and our CENTRAL Steel container for internal storage in production.

We cooperate with milk & dairy producers like: 


Milk & Dairy transportation
Paint - Coating transport

Paint & Coatings

Paint & Coatings requires packaging system with a high level of attention to sustainability. Paint & Coatings manufacturers produced paint and other additives for many global customers every year.

To minimise the carbon footprint and to optimise on their internal supply chain and warehouse efficiency, they uses foldable cardboard IBC containers from IBC Store.

IBC Store cooperate with Paint & Coatings manufacturers like: 


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