Warehouse space for 256 cardboard IBC’s  

Warehouse (Cardboard IBC) (3)

Optimise your warehouse space

Warehouse space is an essential part of any business and with cardboard IBC’s you releases a lot of your square meters in the warehouse.
Cardboard IBC’s only requires 3 m2 to have 16x 1000L cardboard IBC’s in stock. That is an improvement of 70% compared to plastic IBC’s.

Warehouse space with Plastic IBC’s

Traditional plastic or steel IBC’s cannot be folded. For the most of the time, a traditional IBC’s is empty. 
Plastic IBC’s requires 10 m2 to have 16x 1000L plastic IBC’s in stock. This is even with the containers stacked 8×8. Until the plastic IBC’s are filled and shipped, they occupy essential warehouse space. 


Warehouse space for 256 plastic IBC’s

Warehouse (Rigid IBC) (4)

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