Normal or Aseptic cardboard
IBC containers

We offer cardboard IBC containers for non-aseptic use and aseptic use. We have steamable valves for aseptic use.

(non) Aseptic discharge
Our cardboard IBC containers are designed in such a way that they are compatible with liners equipped with steamable valves. Therefore our containers are the perfect solution for both non-aseptic and aseptic applications.
Flat packed cardboard IBCs
Our cardboard IBC’s are completely foldable and can be delivered in that way which enables supply chain optimization both in transport and warehousing, saving our customers directly in costs.
IBC Store
Simply received the folded containers and unfold and set up directly next to your production line. Optimize in precious warehouse space and eliminate storing air.


Normal CargoCube IBC container

The 1000 L CargoCube IBC container is an alternative to traditional plastic or steel IBC’s. The container is used for food & non-food applications as a storage or transport container.


Aseptic CargoCube IBC container

The 1000L Aseptic CargoCube IBC container is a fully aseptic solution. The Aseptic CargoCube IBC is used for food applications, and it comes with a steamable valve for both filling and discharge.