Intermediate bulk container 3 main categories

Cardboard IBC container

Cardboard IBC containers

Cardboard IBC containers are a sustainable IBC container. All components of a cardboard IBC container can be separated and disposed of locally at customers factories. 

Cardboard IBC containers are a foldable IBC, which gives you all the benefits of optimised supply chain, optimised storage space and reduced cost. 

Cardboard IBC containers have a capacity of 250L, 500L, 950L and 1000L. 

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Rigid IBC containers

Rigid Intermediate bulk containers are the most common used containers for transporting and storing liquids. Rigid IBC containers are often certified UN/DOT and used as a standard for transporting hazardous goods, packing group II and packing III commodities. 

Rigid IBC containers normally have a capacity of 1040L and 1250L.

Rigid IBC container
Flexible IBC container

Flexible IBC containers

Flexible IBC containers are often known as bulk bags or big bags. Flexible IBC containers are ideal for transporting and storing dry goods such as plastic, granules or sand.

New solutions in flexible IBC containers are big bags suspended from a steel or wood frame. IBC Store’s own Central Steel container is steel framed big bag container with a inner liner bag. The inner liner bag can be filled with liquids, and you can use this container for transporting and storing high viscous liquids.

Flexible IBC containers often have a capacity of 1000L/1000kg up to 1800L/1800kg.

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