How to use IBC containers

A few easy steps to assembly the container directly in production. No need for extra space to assembly.
Simply collect 1 container from the pallet of flat-packed containers, and unfold the box. 

Filling by one connection

Filling the containers are done by connection the filling pipe to either the top filling cap or the bottom valve (aseptic).
Filling into a plastic liner ensures a closed system, which is eliminates air contamination of your liquids inside.


Efficient discharge of IBC’s

With multiple discharge options, we can help you to get all the liquids out of the container.
Discharge options: Side- & bottom discharge.
Valves: 2″, 3″, 6″. Choose between DN50, S60, steamable valves (aseptic)

Cardboard IBC’s are used in various industries

Explore the industries using cardboard IBC containers. See below industries and click on the button to read more about each industry.

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Our partner Qbig Packaging has a number of explanatory video’s have a look

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