Direct-use vs. flat-packed

At IBC Store you can get your cardboard IBC’s delivered either direct-use (assembled) or flat-packed (folded)


2 ways of receiving
your IBC containers

Many of our customers ask: “what are the differences between direct-use vs. flat-packed?”

We will explain below, so you are able to order the right cardboard IBC for your storage and transportation needs.



Main advantages of Direct-Use IBC’s:

  • Specialized assembly of our IBC’s.
  • Suitable for direct usage
  • One IBC, one SKU
  • No assembly on site
Flat packed cardboard IBCs


Main advantages of Flat-Packed IBC’s:

  • Storage space efficient
  • Low transport costs
  • Low pricing
  • More about flexible IBC’s

IBC Store

Direct-use (assembled)

Direct-Use cardboard containers are delivered as a ready to use solution. You receive a fully assembled container with all the necessary components mounted to the container.

This reduces the need of handling the container, but it does require more storage space if the container need to be storage for a longer period of time.

Flat packed cardboard IBCs



Flat-Packed cardboard containers are delivered as a set of parts, which are packed in the most efficient way.This reduces the need of storage space for the products for a longer period of time, but it does need more handling.