Take a closer look on why cardboard IBC’s can benefit you 

Explore the benefits of using cardboard IBC containers. See below benefits and click on the button to read more about each benefit. 

What are IBC containers?

IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk Container, and is also know as IBC container, IBC tote and IBC tank.

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Sustainable IBC’s

Cardboard IBC’s are a sustainable IBC system. Reduce up to >50 % on your CO2 emissions with sustainable IBC containers.

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Normal or Aseptic IBC’s?

We offer cardboard IBC containers fornon-aseptic use and aseptic use. We have steamable valves for aseptic use.

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Direct-use vs. flat-packed

At IBC Store you can get your cardboard IBC’s delivered either direct-use (assembled) or flat-packed (folded)

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IBC’s for high viscous liquids

Our special cardboard IBC containers are the optimal solution for discharging high viscous liquids and pastes.

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Warehouse efficiencies

Cardboard IBC’s requires less square meters for storage in the warehouse. Reduce up to 75% on storage space in your warehouse.

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Food grade IBC’s

Food Grade Cardboard IBC’s are a hygienic and food-safe packaging system thanks to plastic liners used to obtain the liquids in the containers.

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