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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is shipment included?

No, delivery is not included as standard. We can have the containers ready within 2 working days for collection.
If you need support in arranging transport, please contact us. We will help you get in touch with transport companies! 

What does it require to assemble the IBC's?

You can assemble a container within 3-5 minutes and you can do it with 1-2 persons. The assembly can be done on-site just before filling, or it can be done in advance. 

Can the CargoCube IBC be used for aseptic applications?

Yes, we offer our CargoCube for aseptic applications. The aseptic CargoCube is delivered with a 2-inch DN50 steamable valve, which allows you to make a sterilize filling and discharge from the bottom of the container.

Are the cardboard containers recyclable?

Yes. The cardboard containers are 100% separable and 100% recyclable. You can dispose the unit on-site, which means the containers does not require any pooling systems.

Can the CargoCube IBC be stacked?

Yes, the CargoCube IBC are stackable. The CargoCube IBC can be stacked 2 on 1 static, and 1 on 1 dynamic.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, you will receive your invoice after ordering. After we have received confirmation on your payment, we will start to prepare your order.

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