Why IBC-store?

We supply sustainable cardboard IBC’s globally. We specialize in complete bag-in-box cardboard IBC’s for liquid food and non-food applications.


Why IBC-store?

Cardboard IBC’s are a sustainable alternative to plastic or steel IBC’s. Our central cardboard IBC’s are designed to get the last drop of your liquids out of the packaging.

Perfect for one-way trips since no pooling system is required and being full foldable which reduces warehouse and transport cost significantly, there are only benefits. After use, the complete system is easily disposed of and most of the parts can easily be recycled, no chemicals and time consuming cleaning are required.

IBC Store


At IBC-store we take our impact on the environment seriously. We believe that using our cardboard IBCs has a much lower impact on the environment compared to conventional packaging like plastic, steel or wooden boxes. We support bag-in-box system of which the outer cardboard is very easy to be recycled and the inner liner can be disposed.  Moreover, when empty, the packaging requires minimum amount of space in the warehouse and transport which reduces the CO2 output. Last but not least, our packaging is designed to get the last drop out, so there’s almost no waste!


Not only does the foldability of our bag-in-box system reduces CO2 output, it is also a direct cost saver. With 16 sleeves flat packed on a pallet, your logistics provider is able to get more in a truck and thus save on cost. The same accounts for warehousing. With many of the conventional packaging you are storing and shipping a lot of air, which is not very economical.


After use, our packaging does not need to be cleaned with polluting chemicals and requires no time consuming cleaning operations. The liner can be easily disposed of and the cardboard can be either stored away flat packed or easily recycled. Setting up the foldable container is super easy and requires only instants from your operator. Moreover, with the patented T-liners of Qbig, during filling there’s no operator required to settle the liner.



As IBC-store we have worldwide and long lasting experience in the market of transporting and storage of liquids. We have access to a lot of knowledge, a vast network of partners and products to provide you with just the right set of packaging. Just contact us and we help you finding the solution to your packaging challenge.